R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Friday, June 10, 1870.

     Cool, clear, cloudy and a little rain in the afternoon, was the state of the weather yesterday.  Very little animation on the Levee.  The packet Glasgow arrived from Omaha, took on some freight and passengers and paddled off for St. Louis.

     Father Butler, of Leavenworth, is coming to this city the 4th of July at the head of 300 members of the Hibernian society in full uniform, to help the Irish citizens of this place celebrate the birthday of the nation.
     Marshal Speers yesterday released five of his prisoners.

     A chap made a good deal of fun for bystanders yesterday.  He had purchased a bottle of the "King of Pain"  He sat down on the pavement, and commenced vigorously rubbing his face and neck with the bottle to relieve the pains he felt.  He evidently thought there was as much healing virtue in the outside of the bottle as in the liquid inside!

     Olive Logan is the great attraction at Frank's Hall to-night.

     The Kansas City Musical Times, for June, is received.  It is filled with choice musical miscellany and musical items of local interest.  It is published by Kimmell & Switzer, of this city.

     Olive Logan is the great attraction at Frank's Hall to-night.

     Complaint is made that here is a very offensive smell south of the State Line  House, which the proprietors of that hotel should have abated without delay.

     Jim King is training for his coming fight with the bruiser McGuire.  King's headquarters are at MrGrawn's  saloon in West Kansas City, and McGuire is preparing for the tussle at the "Abbey" in the southern part of town.

     Disreputable females are to be excluded from the race track of the Kansas City Horse Association.  A move in the right direction, Messrs. Managers.