R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Wednesday, June 22, 1870.

     Business on the levee yesterday sank to the old level again, nothing in that line having transpired of note.  The Columbia, with a fine trip from Omaha, passed down.  She discharged here a small quantity of freight.  The T. L. McGill passed up about 6 o'clock, p. m.  She also discharged some freight here.  Her trip was rather light.  The river is slowly declining.

     We like music, especially piano music, when the instrument is well tuned.  For a number one piano, or a first class tuner, go to Letton's, 1012 Main street.

     Breunert & Wocher, the eminently successful druggists under Frank's Hall, are quenching the thirst of hte people with their excellent soda water.

     To keep in good health during the "heated time," drink Faivre's root beer.

     One case of sun-stroke reported yesterday.

     Two men went down in a hollow at the corner of Grand and Independence avenues yesterday to knock out a little difference which seemed to have insinuated itself between them.  They pulled off their coats, rolled up their sleeves, "cussed" each other terrifically a little while then donned their apparel and went back again.  An expectant crowd was disappointed.

     Herr Chas. Gimbel, Jr., late of Heidelberg, Germany, is in the city.  This gentleman is a musical composer, and an author of considerable note.

     Fifty English passengers have lately arrived here from London, coming on through tickets purchased in that city.

     At a recent meeting in West Kansas City to consider the propriety of erecting a bridge over the Kaw river between that place and Wyandotte, Judge James, of Kansas , said that "although he and others had a right or charter for the ferry across the Kaw, they were perfectly willing to give it up to establish a public highway or thoroughfare from the State of Kansas and the rich and productive valleys of the Kaw to Kansas City, and would co-operate with the people of this city in all that they did to that end.

     The Hector and Eureka base ball clubs of this city are to play a match game this morning at 8 o'clock for a fine ball.