R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Friday, August 5, 1870.

     The river is stationary, and the channel is very good, having cut out considerably.  Pilots report four feet good to St. Louis.  The T. L. Merril passed down yesterday, with a large freight of grain.  The W. J. Lewis is the Star Line packet to-day.  The next Omaha boat will be the Glasgow.  She will be up to-morrow, with an excursion party and the Lexington Brass Band.

     The city is fuller'n a tick.

     A circus wagon collided with an Illinoisan yesterday, and upset him.  The elephant hugged a boy very affectionately yesterday with his trunk.  The boy was "scart."  The circus was more densely crowded yesterday than comfort demanded.  There must have been 3,000 persons present.

     The Mayor's dog was captured yesterday by the dog-jerkers, but the official armed with a certificate secured his pet.

     There will be a meeting of the Kansas City Horse Association at the Court House to-night, to make arrangements for a big race to-morrow.

     A boy named Anson Miller, measured his length in his immediate rear yesterday, on the public square.  He was reliably informed afterward that he had been kicked by a mule.

     There is to be a shooting match at the Trivoli Garden shooting gallery in a short time.  The gentlemanly proprietor, Mr. Nick Stofile, will distribute valuable prizes to the best shots.