R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Saturday, July 2, 1870.

     There was no business of importance on the Levee yesterday.  The river is falling again, slowly.  The Henry S. Turner, with a large freight of corn for St. Louis, passed down at 11 a. m.  The steamer Sallie, from Ft. Benton, passed down Thursday night.  The W. B. Dance came up at 7 o'clock last evening, and returned during the night.

     We noticed yesterday a fine new two thousand dollar safe being unloaded at the Commercial Bank.
     The attention of the city physician is called to the notice of some chicken coops attached to certain hotels in this city.  The neighbors of said coops are turning up their noses at them.

     It was stated yesterday, by different parties, that the races announced to come off next Monday, at the Driving Park, had been postponed.  We are authorized to say this is all a mistake -- the races will be made as advertised.

     A dangerous counterfeit fifty cent fractional currency note of the new issue, with the Lincoln vignette, has just been put in circulation.  The paper issued in the genuine is pink tinted.  The counterfeit is slightly greenish in color, and the face is somewhat blurred.  The words fractional currency and stamps are darkly shaded, which is not the case in the genuine.  there is also a difference on the back of the note.

     Last evening being the last opportunity for discussing the practibility of water works, before the election, a large number of prominent citizens assembled at the Court House.  On motion of Ex-Mayor Long, Col. McGee was chosen chairman of the meeting, and Mrs. Thomas of the "Times" as secretary.  Mayor McGee, after stating the object of the meeting, spoke very strongly in favor of the water works, either by city government or private companies.  He said this was a question  which should interest all, and he hoped that no one would fail to come out to-day and vote in favor of the works.   Mr. Stevens being called on said with the present heavy indebtedness of the city, he was in favor of letting the concern to private parties.  Alderman Hilliker made an able speech bristling with facts and urging strongly the proposed improvement.  Mr. English addressed the meeting in favor of th4e works.  Col. Long spoke i n favor of giving the work to a private company.  If the works were built people would pay but a cent a barrel for water, where they have had to pay forty cents.