R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Sunday, July 3, 1870.

     Business was quite active on the levee; the river is falling slowly.  The W. B. Dance, of the Star line, arrived early yesterday morning from below, with a fair cargo of freight for this port.  The Dance was at Wyandotte all day yesterday discharging railroad iron.  She left on her return for St. Louis in the evening.  The Silver Bow, of the "O" line, arrived from below yesterday forenoon.  She discharged freight for several area firms.  She landed a large quantity of railroad iron at Wyandot, and proceeded on her way to Omaha.

     The election yesterday called out a larger vote than was anticipated, and was contested with a great deal of spirit.  The opposition rallied in considerable force in the early part of the day; but became greatly discouraged as the vote progressed, and by the time the polls closed they were prepared to accept the result with such grace as was possible.  During the day there were many arguments, pro and con, which were occasionally silenced by the music of a brass band as it proceeded through the streets, and to the different polls, in a wagon completely placarded with Water Works mottoes.  The final vote was 1048 For -- 428 Against.  Two-thirds were required.  Excess above the required vote, 64.

     Yesterday we had the Water Works and to-morrow we'll have the fire works.

     The Fourth broke out incipiently yesterday.  The boys were indulging in fire works and the men in fire water.

     A man named Boggs, who was arraigned yesterday before Squire Ransom for having maltreated a shoemaker named Bruns, on Friday, undertook to make his escape yesterday by mounting a horse and starting off.  A constable's pistol, in close proximity to his face, halted him rather abruptly.  He has since given bond for his appearance an other time.

     Long's Hall was crowded last night to greet Aaron and Collyer's first appearance in this city.  The triple clog dance by the Collyer family bears no competition, and was loudly encored three times.  Great science was displayed by Aaron and Collyer, and they well deserve the reputation of being the champion light weights of the world.  Another entertainment will be given Monday night with an entire change of programme, when two more distinguished artists will be added to the already complete troupe.

     There will be lots of fun on the Fourth -- processions, Father Halpin's picnic at Cook's grove, the races at the Driving Park.  In the evening the Couldocks in "The Chimney Corner" at Frank's Hall, and Aaron and Collyer's minstrels and ring exhibition at Long's Hall.  Besides other things.