R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Wednesday, June 29, 1870.

     Business on the levee yesterday was just nothing at all.  The river is rising slowly. The T. L. McGill, from Omaha, passed down at 5 o'clock.  A large number of passengers disembarked here.  The Mountaineer of the Star Line, is due to-day.

     At the corner of Leavenworth and Hackberry streets to-day the Eureka and Enterprise Base Ball Clubs will play a match game to be called at 3 p. m.

     Our English born citizens are to have a mass meeting to-night at Dr. Thorne's office over the Postoffice.

Sallie Miller, a notorious courtesan of this city, has gone to Abilene with a bevy of soiled doves to establish a mansion of indisposed renown.  Abilene is beginning to feel some of the discomforts of a metropolitan affliction.

     For the benefit of Father Halpin's Church, a grand celebration of the 4th of July will be given, at Cook's Grove, on that day.  Speeches in English and German will be delivered on the grounds, and the Declaration of Independence will be read by a well known elocutionist.  A joyous time is anticipated, and will doubtless be experienced.  All are invited to be on hand.

    MUTILATED CURRENCY. -- The Union German Savings Bank yesterday sent to Washington for redemption $500 in mutilated currency.  We learn that this bank forwards weekly an average of $500 of ragged greenbacks, for redemption.  If all our banks would do this we should soon have plenty of sound currency.

     Yesterday about noon, in the alley between 3d and 4th streets, which opens into Main street, a brute in human shape made a most beastly exposure of his person within sight of the family of a gentleman residing near there.  Whereupon the gentleman went to the Marshal, who sent a policeman and had the filthy offender arrested.  It is worth hoping that the Recorder will this morning give him the full extent of the law, thus teaching him and all other scum a lesson that such behavior will be severely punsihed.