R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Tuesday, July 19, 1870.

   The river is stationary at this point, and business on the Levee is quiet.  The W. J. Lewis, of the Star Line, left for St. Louis Sunday evening, with a good trip.  The Mary McDonald, of the "O" Line, passed up last night.  The T. L. McGill, from Omaha, was due last night, with 350 Chinamen on board.  The W. B. Dance is due to-day from below.

     The Prize Fight. -- A steamboat will be at the Levee, this morning, at 9 o'clock, and will leave at 10 for a point ten miles up the river, with the prize fight party, and a large crowd of the admirers of the "manly art" will go on the excursion.  In the fight Collyer will be seconded by Barney Aaron and Harry Smith, and Lafferty will be seconded by Barney Frame and Sam Charlesworth.

          The city was visited Sunday by a storm of rain and wind that did great damage, and far more than is generally understood.  It came on suddenly, and many parties who were walking and driving in the suburbs were caught and drenched with the rain.  The wind snapped off the tops of trees like twigs, and sent signs and other projections of that nature whirling to the ground; fences were blown down, and wagons and carriages were upset, and matters were mixed generally.  At the corner of 14th and Walnut and at the corner of 14th and Main the culverts gave way and a wide and deep gully was made across the street at both places making them impassable for teams.  All day yesterday there was a stream of water running down the gutters on Main street from toward the Junction caused by the pumping of water from the cellars between 9th and 5th streets, and at the crossing of 5th and Main a deposit of slimy mud and filth a foot deep was left.  A few more such rains will bankrupt the city by the payment of damages unless the sewers are enlarged, and more substantially built.

     HAPPY HOLLOW. -- This delectable locality was pretty well submerged during the flood of Sunday, and a rum hell down there which is propped up on poles like a martin box and which as been the scene of many a dark deed, was supposed to be in danger of tumbling down, and the neighbors offered the old woman who keeps it a raft to save herself with, but she, together with the man who lives with her, sat up in the second story all the time and guzzled the contents of the shop, making sport of the philanthropic offers of the crowd who stood there watching to see her go to eternity every minute.

     A man named Andrew Simons caught yesterday in the river at the foot of Main street, a cat-fish that weighed 260 pounds.  A facetious witness says that the fish had swallowed a pair of cavalry boots.
     An unusually large number of cases was brought before the Recorder yesterday.  Most of the offenders were charged with being too fully charged with whisky.

     Jim King, a prize fighter, and Alex White, a colored man, were arrested yesterday for fighting.  King had given White the big head, and White had also handed King one in the "potato trap."

     Dr. Burhans, who sustained such severe injuries by a fall recently from the third story window of Hart's office building, died Sunday night at the City Hospital.  Strong hopes had been held taht he would recover, but his terrible tumble had inflicted injuries that were destined to prove fatal.