R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

September 15, 1870.

     First National Bank of Kansas City, Mo., Delaware Street:  Directors -- M. Dively, D. M. Jarboe, Kersey Coates, Matt Foster, Edward H. Allen, T. K. Hanna, Adam Long, T. B. Bullene, Howard M. Holden, William H. Clair, J. A. Bachman, O. Chanute.

     Married at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. A. Carroll, on September 7, Mr. A. N. Moyer to Miss Nannie Entrekin, all of Independence.

     We notice with pleasure the return of Mr. R. W. Quade to this city, for he is a gentleman of eminent social worth and eminent business qualifications.  Since the dissolution of the firm of Latshaw & Quade the latter gentleman has not been idle.  He simply went from one kind of business to another.  During his absence from the city Mr. Quade has been to South Bend and to Canton, Ind., and to Cincinnati, Newark and Mansfield, O.  It is the intention of Messrs. Latshaw and Quade to resume business very soon in a new and entirely different line -- that of manufactures, and they will invest capital here and open out one of the largest establishments in the West.

     Prof. William Galloway gives another hop at his dancing academy on next Monday evening.  Galloway's hops are always well attended by the young folks of our city and all speak in the highest terms of the manner in which they are conducted.  No one is admitted unless they have an invitation direct from the professor; consequently they are select.

     Williams's orchestra has been engaged for the season.  Those who have been so fortunate to receive an invitation should go by all means.

     For several weeks past workmen have been busily engaged in excavating lots on the west side of Bluff Street between the Half-Way House and the depot.  Blasting has been going on for several days and in a short time the steep embankment will entirely disappear.

     The public square was again crowded yesterday with hay and wood for the first time in several weeks, owing to the previous inclemency of the weather.