R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

January 29, 1870.

     Weather is fine.  Buildings are springing up.

     Criminal affairs are dull.  Marshal Keck has gone to Jefferson City.

     Two loafers had a fight at Harlem last night.  No bones were broken.

     Another of those pleasant dances took place at the Turner Hall last evening.  Our German friends enjoy themselves.

     Marshal Hayden started for the Penitentiary yesterday morning, with the prisoners convicted at the last term of the Criminal Court.  Marshal Keck will form one of the escort.

     Last night officer Brady arrested a man on Main street w ho was so drunk as to be unable to move or speak.  He conveyed him to the calaboose, where he will have time to get sober previous to an introduction to Recorder Sutton.

     Mr. Jno. L. Slavens and his amiable wife, last evening, received a large party of young folks at their beautiful home, on West Tenth street, and entertained them in a truly hospitable manner.  Music, and the pleasures that young folks know so well how to appreciate, sped the evening rapidly away.  A bountiful supper was spread, and naught was wanting to tempt the most delicate, and the happy throng proved their ability to recognize the good cheer.  The party bear many kind remembrances for so pleasant an occasion.

     The contractors for grading and macadamizing Broadway are criminally negligent in leaving the chasm in that street unprotected.  Some public spirited citizen should look to it.  The Street Commissioner seems to be either lazy or inefficient.

     Mr. Bernard F. Knapp, one of the efficient employes of the Kansas Pacific Railway Company, has some specimens or rare, valuable and antiquated works, purchased himself while in London.  Some of the volumes date back to the Fifteenth century, including a work written in Latin by Aeneas Silvius, who was afterwards Pope Pius the Second.  Mr. Knapp is courteous as a gentleman, as he is efficient as an officer, and will be pleased for any who may desire to inspect these antiquarian specimens.