R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 15, 1870.

     On Saturday night a man named Dave Tipton was shot by Isaac Forbes, at a den of infamy on the Levee.  The murder was committed at the instigation of a woman named "wicked Jennie," who is now under arrest.  We learn that Tipton died last night.  Forbes has not yet been arrested.

   Jennie Redman, alias "Wicked Jennie," an abandoned woman, was before the Recorder, charged with drunkenness.  For this offense she was fined $9.75.  She was then turned over tot he State authorities, to undergo examination upon a more serious charge of being accessory to the aforementioned shooting affray, which occurred in the den of infamy of which she is an inmate.  She will be examined upon this charge before Justice Cravens, this morning.

     The corner of Main and 14th streets was the scene of a most frightful accident about 11 o'clock yesterday morning.  A boy by the name of Earb was riding along in a heavy wood wagon, when from some unexplained cause he lost his balance and fell before the wheels, one of which passed directly over his head, crushing it fearfully.  The scalp was severely lacerated, and the skull fractured and depressed.  Medical aid was summoned, and Doctors Dickerson, Richards and Marsh rendered all possible relief to the sufferer. At a late hour last night he was alive, but with little chance of recovery.

     R. Studabaker is prepared to furnish our citizens with pure clear water, fit for washing or drinking, at very moderate rates.  The water is obtained from Nelson's mammoth well, on Main street, and will be delivered to any part of the city.  Address Lock box 2097, Kansas City Postoffice.

     Last night Frank's Hall witnessed a brilliant gathering "of fair women and brave men," dressed in costumes fantastic, yet beautiful.  The occasion, it is needles to say, was the ball of the Orpheus Singing Club.  We might take up a great deal of space, if we could spare it, in describing the many beautiful and curious disguises that greeted the sight.  There was every peculiarity of costume that could be imagined, and that is saying a great deal.  The music was good, and as everybody went to the ball with the  idea of enjoyment, we are pleased to say that no one was disappointed.