R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

February 18, 1870.

     Yesterday was a dusty, disagreeable day.  Several signs have been blown down by the high wind.  The public square was almost deserted yesterday.

    Coates's Opera House is rapidly approaching completion.  It will have two two tiers of private boxes, a gallery and a dress circle.

     The Old Folks concertize at Frank's Hall to-night for the benefit of the Fifth Street Methodist Church.  Go and see them.

     The examination of "Wicked Jenny" for complicity with Isaac Ford in the murder of Dave Tipton commenced this morning.  Read all of the details here.

     We regret to be compelled  to add another of the already long list of fatal accidents that have occurred with in the past few days.  It appears that about ten o'clock yesterday morning an omnibus belonging to the St. Nicholas Hotel, and driven by a man named Alonzo Williams, left that house well-filled with passengers, and preceded down Main street. The 'bus was rather late, and Williams drove at a sharp pace, which caused the traces to become unhooked and drag at the horses feet.  They became frightened and started to run.  The passengers became alarmed, and one by one escaped from the vehicle -- the last, David Wood, jumping off at the corner of Main street and the Levee.  Mr. Wood's arm was severely bruised by the fall.  He had hardly escaped when the 'bus turning the corner capsized, throwing the driver violently to the ground, and utterly wrecking the vehicle.  He was taken up and conveyed into the Globe saloon where Dr. Sloan was called to attend him.  But his efforts were fruitless.  His skull was badly fractured and the left frontal bone was crushed in, causing his eye to protrude from the socket in a horrible manner.  He died shortly after he was taken up. 
     We are informed by Mr. Sigemunt that Williams had been in his employ about three months, and was a sober, trustworthy man.  He was a widower and leaves two children.

     The Irish citizens of Kansas City give a grand ball at Frank's Hall on the 21st inst.  The proceeds will be devoted to benevolent objects.  It promises to be a fine affair.