R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 12, 1870.

     Registration has been extended for three more days.  Republicans, register.

     The expressions of horror at the dastardly act which has deprived the Journal of its editor, and denunciations of the murderer, still continue to pour upon us; and these expressions, numerous as they are, are still outnumbered by the expose of respect and esteem for the murdered soldier and journalist ,and condolence for his sorely afflicted family and friends.

     Nary a case before the Recorder's Court yesterday.  We are getting to be a moral city.

     The Common Council deliberated yesterday.

     Col. Nelson has sold the ferry boat Lizzie Campbell, for $12,000.  Another boat supplies her place.

     West Kansas City is forming a hook and latter company, and has petitioned the Council for apparatue.  The petition was granted.  Let us have a Fire Department that will protect the city.

     The Alleghanians are coming here.

     The Irish Benevolent Society gives a grand ball and banquet, at Long's Hall, on the 17th inst., St. Patrick's Day.  the affair promises to be a most successful one.

     It is with more of pain and regret, though not without indignation, that we remark an article in the Times of the 10th inst., terming it a species of "duty" to shoot a man down on the street without warning; and in some manner justifying the assassination of Colonel Wilder, as in accordance with the "custom of the country" in the south and West.  A newspaper controversy upon such a them is especially not desirable, and we do not propose it.  If the Times shall justify the "duty" of scalping and burning of captives by the Indians, as it may well do on the plea of the "custom of the country," we shall not contest the point.  But in the name of civilization we protest against all such customs.