R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 15, 1870.

     Reader, to-day the JOURNAL celebrates an epoch in its history.  It comes to you clothed in a new and attractive garb, and it is to be hoped that now its visits will be, if possible, more welcome than ever.  Standing as it now does, upon the eminence of success, perhaps it would not be without interest to trace back its rise and onward progress.  We provide for you now the history of the JOURNAL, from the beginning of newspapers in Kansas City to to-day.  (Read it by clicking here.)

     FIRE. -- As we write, the Ferguson House, a large three story brick hotel on the Northwest corner of Ottawa street and Grand Avenue is in flames, and will most probable be a total loss.  The wind is blowing strongly from the north and it is impossible to tell what further damage the flames will do.  The loss of the Ferguson House and contents will probably not fall far short of $20,000.  The building and contents are owned by Wm. H. Ferguson, and owing to the terrible confusion prevalent our report was unable to ascertain  whether the property was insured.

     Extensive preparations are being made to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  A procession and two balls are already arranged for.

     Real estate is active, and brings good prices.

     The river is full of floating ice.  The weather is rather changeable, and as we are "not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet," we shall not venture to make any remarks about its present state.

     There were 2,152 persons registered to vote up to noon yesterday, against 1,860 last year; an increase of 284.  Republicans, if you desire to see a reform in our city government, register to-day.

     The funeral services of the little daughter of Recorder Sutton took place yesterday afternoon, and were largely attended.  The services were conducted by the Revs. Mr. Roberts and Nott, and were very affecting.  Mr. and Mrs. Sutton have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in this, their sad bereavement.    

     WANTED at this office, an active, intelligent lad, about 13 to 15 years of age.  Apply at once.