R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

March 16, 1870.

     Never were north winds colder, and more disagreeable than on yesterday.  The high wind blew down several signs and rendered walking unsafe as well as uncomfortable.

     To-morrow, St. Patrick's day, will be celebrated by our Irish citizens with great eclat.

     We understand that Col. Nelson is negotiating with eastern parties for the sale of his large property in Harlem.

     The hose cart, while proceeding to the fire night-before-last, was thrown over and one of the wheels broken to pieces.  The fire consumed a hotel, grocery, carpenter shop, shoe shop, stable and meat shop, besides damaging a lumber yard.  Mr. Coleman, the owner of the grocery, has burned out twice in the last twelve months.  Mr. Furguson intends to build his hotel on a much finer plan than it was before.

     NOTICE. -- All those who have not been vaccinated and are too poor to pay for the same, can be attended to free of charge, by calling at the office of Dr. Dickerson, City Physician, on Main street, a few doors south of Turner's Hall.

     Pursuant to call, the bright and shining lights of the Democracy assembled at Vaughn's Diamond to drink inspiration and something slightly stronger, and to counsel each other in the interest of the "dimmercratic" party.  Col. Milt McGee was "elevated" to the Presidency of the august assemblage, and Capt. Tobin preserved the valuable records of the gathering.  The venerable chairman and would-be Mayor spoke the usual piece and subsided.  The secretary also relieved his mind by uttering "a few remarks" to the brethren present.  Both gentlemen indulged in the usual denunciations of "infernal radicalism" and both eulogized in high-flown language the beauties of Democracy; and after expending their superabundant eloquence quaffed deeply of Democratic inspiration.

     Speaking of Democrats, Rev. Mr. Twine, a colored man, is being run as a candidate for Mayor of Atchison by the same.  Under the auspices of that party he will probably not go far.