R. T. Van Horn & Co., Publishers.*

Wednesday, May 18, 1870.

     Rain is greatly needed.  The cisterns are dry, the wells are empty, and if this thing continues much longer, temperance people will be compelled to fill up the interregnum with beer.  It takes a good deal of beer to fill up some folks' interregnum.

     An express team ran away yesterday morning and made a bee line for their residence on Walnut street.  But they didn't succeed in getting there so quick as they intended.  They smashed into a lamp post on the corner of 4th and Walnut, tearing it down, and breaking the wagon.  No insurance.

     LADY PHYSICIAN. -- We cal attention to Mrs. Jennie L. Hildebrand, M. D..  The lady is a graduate of one of the best medical colleges in Philadelphia, and has abundant testimonials regarding her skill and ability, in the profession she has chosen.  Her office and residence is on the southeast corner of Twelfth and McGee streets.

     Robinson's Circus -- with the usual monstrosities in the side shows -- will exhibit here in two weeks.
     The press banquet to-night at the Broadway will be one of the finest and most enjoyable ever given in the State.  That is, it is expected it will be.  If it isn't, it will be another proof that "all signs fail in dry weather."

     A number of our editorial brethren honored the JOURNAL sanctum with pleasant calls yesterday.  Call on us, gentlemen "of the fourth estate," during your stay here, you'll find the latch strong out.

     WATER WORKS MEETING. -- A public meeting will be held this evening, in Turners Hall, to hear the report of the Committee, appointed last week, to present to the Common Council a petition for the construction of a Water Works.  All in favor of this much needed "internal improvement," are requested to be present to listen to the reports, and to take part in further proceedings.